I’m a UX/UI Designer focused on creating beautiful products that have an even more beautiful relationship between user needs and product abilities.




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Hey! My name is Macie Linne and I am a recent grad of Bowling Green State University. I am passionate about creating memorable and intentional experiences and simplifying complex problems. My broad design interests range from social impact to tech start-up culture.

Beyond design, I am driven by growth and learning, am eager to listen, and crave feedback. I thrive in team environments due to my 14+ years of athletic experience with 4 of those at the Division 1 level. I often rise in leadership positions from team captain to President of an organization. I have found it natural to empathize with a broad spectrum of people from different backgrounds as well as lead and create a strong sense of culture within my teams.

Outside of design you can find me volunteering, expanding my Spotify playlists, traveling, hiking the Colorado Rockies, sipping a great cup of coffee or baking bread, and spending time with my cat Blob. I’ve been to 4 continents and roughly 12 countries including: Rwanda, Iceland, China, and Canada.

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Diversity & Inclusion

I believe that diversity & inclusion have played a role in how I design and see the world. While at University, I was selected for a year-long training in Diversity & Inclusion Leadership developed by an organization called We Are One Team. Alongside 20 other student-athletes, we were able to discuss and engage with topics that would create inclusive and safe environments and engage and support diversity.

This program equipped me with the tools and knowledge that led me to get involved with the student organization. We used the power of sport to promote diversity and inclusion in our community. I gained a lot of leadership experience being on the executive board and being able to take what I had learned into my community and my perspective on design. 

My devotion to become a lifelong learner of injustice has heavily influenced the way I empathize, actively listen, and communicate with people to create inclusive and functional environments and designs.

Macie Linne

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