Uber Augmented Reality

Ridesharing Safety Solution

AR University Course Case Study

The Problem
As a part of my course project requirements, we were asked to find a solution to a problem using augmented or virtual reality. In recent news, Uber and ridesharing have taken hits as far as improving their safety features.
The Process

My Workflow

Search current statistics, cases, and other AR practices.

Construct prototypes.

Brainstorm application to the ride sharing services.

Present my solution.

Develop architecture and wireframes.

My Solution
I’ve prototyped a feature that would be added to ridesharing services that allow the user to be able to access “AR+”. This allows the user to use location-based augmented reality to pinpoint exactly where they will be picked up to increase efficiency from the drivers’ end. Additionally, it will allow the rider to view the exact car that they are getting into with AR technology. Even for impaired riders, this can increase essentially the two-step authentication within this service.
A Closer Look

Key Features of Uber AR

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